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Dipping my toes into Cruelty Free Living

After months of putting it off I finally decided to read into the practicalities of going Cruelty Free. I had taken small steps up to this point but the idea felt a little unattainable for me, like a luxury that I couldn’t afford. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong…

My initial wake up call came a couple of years ago when I was happily using Clarins skincare (and loving it). I assumed that because Clarins was a reputable and well established brand, they must be Cruelty Free. Why would they test on animals when they surely make enough profit to explore other avenues right? Wrong! When I realized this I decided to start by switching my skincare and I tried out Dermalogica – and I have to say that their products have been superb for me… but they come at quite a cost.

Over the last 5 or so months I became more  interested in what my other CF options might be. What more affordable products, if any, could be available, especially in South Africa? Is this a feasible lifestyle choice? Would it be affordable? Would it be practical? Because lets be honest, most people would understandably turn a blind eye on the bunnies if they believed that Cruelty Free means driving out to the sticks to buy an organic pressed beetroot face mask that costs more than their kid’s school uniform.

In addition to this is the information that is available. It felt like there is a huge amount of information and at the same time too little information. On the one hand there are so many things to consider- makeup, skincare, cleaning products, packaging, fair trade…the list goes on. Who has time for that when there is a job and a life and family and gym and kids and and and….

On the other hand I found it difficult to get clear information on what was available in South Africa.

I decided to take a step back and work on my philosophy first. I am an animal lover- this is, of course, what drew me into doing this in the first place. In order to make this more practical I decided to take it one step and a time and concentrate on makeup and skincare first and then gradually factor in other aspects. I have started to find more information on websites like leaping bunny where you can find a list specific to South Africa. This is where I found Hey Gorgeous, an affordable and delicious (you will understand why I say that when you smell their products) proudly South African brand that is flying the CF banner high- product review coming soon!

There are also other blogs and websites that cover brands the world over. One I like in particular is Cruelty- Free Kitty. Her information is always well researched and up-to-date. Her lists are comprehensive and very handy if you are living abroad like me or if you love to travel. They also cover every price range. I would highly recommend her site.

So this is where I am at right now. I have started purchasing exclusively CF makeup and skincare and I must say- its a good feeling. I plan to take you along with me as I continue this process and learn more about what we can do to help make this more of a lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 3.45.22 PM

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Did you enjoy this post? Was there any information that you would have liked to see or is there something you would like me to write on in an upcoming post?

I would love to hear your comments below!


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